Data Exchange Deepdive

Let's build your own super-cool integration using configuration fields such as "Data Handling Codeunit ", "Validation Codeunit", "Ext. Data Handling Codeunit ", and many more. Once your programmers (or you) dive in, you will discover many possibilities for solving your tasks and numerous publishers available in almost all procedures. It is essential to know what the whole process looks like and what are the ways how to enhance it correctly.

This session will be divided into three parts:
1. What can we achieve with Data Exchange, and how to do it without programming?
2. It's time to explore the benefits of creating our own handling or mapping objects.
3. Publishers? Another way how to enhance functionality.

80-90 minutes, primarily focused on developers, but useful for solution architects (first and also second part) as well as consultants (especially the first part)

Tomas Kapitan

Fusion5 Business Solutions

South Brisbane, Australia

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