Microsoft Power Automate - do not try to invent the wheel

The company's process automation is one of the biggest tasks companies are facing now. Some companies decide to create a customized solution by themselves. Let's have a look at some disadvantages of developing a custom ERP system in-house:
1) You need an experienced solution architect who knows how to manage such apps, or the whole project ends with spaghetti integration.
2) You need a team of developers.
3) Once the solution architect or lead developer leaves the company, the systems will likely be unmanageable as no one will have knowledge about the system.

There are many more reasons why custom development is not the way a company should go, especially if there are platforms, such as Microsoft Power Automate, where you can automate many tasks without a single line of code.
In this session, we look at the basics of Microsoft Power Automate and what can be done almost without effort.

Tomas Kapitan

D365BC Solution Architect

Prague, Czechia

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