Real world business scenarios for Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups are the fundamental connector for the modern Microsoft 365 collaboration services.
In this session, Martina explains key management topics around Office 365 Groups. Real-life examples from customers help you understand what Office 365 Groups imply, how to deploy them with workflows, how to secure them and how to apply governance.
Martina shows customer scenarios how a successful implementation of Office 365 Groups works in enterprises. With out-of-the-box functionality in Microsoft 365 you can implement standardized processes for your organization with the help of Office 365 Groups. This helps to automate daily tasks and stay on a self-service approach which supports user engagement.
Examples cover real world Business process implementations Martina did in the financial, pharmacy and public sector. See how to implement Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams scenarios in custom workflows with Microsoft 365 and Azure services and let’s talk about customer scenarios and simplify, automate and standardize their requirements while staying secure and compliant.

Toni Pohl

CTO atwork, Microsoft MVP

Vienna, Austria


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