Implementing DevOps Practices for Azure Infrastructure

We've been talking about DevOps for over a decade now. Most likely you have been at least once in a situation where the CTO would announce that "we are moving to DevOps culture" or "we need to adopt DevOps". Still, the adoption often remains tricky. Consultants come, overload it with organisational problems, and the implementation ends with anemic pipelines (especially in areas different than the application code).

In this talk, I've gathered practical experience from implementing DevOps practices for Azure infrastructure. Join me and we will go through continuous integration, delivery, deployment, testing, operations, and monitoring practices to build an opinionated DevOps pipeline. You will see practical examples that bring together tools and services from Azure and GitHub space to provide capabilities that bring DevOps cultural philosophies to life.

Tomasz Pęczek

Staff+ Engineer • Software Architecture Facilitator • Microsoft MVP

Kraków, Poland


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