Career Advice for Programmers

Do you know how to avoid being “promoted” to a position that doesn’t involve technology and code? Did your university program teach you the social skills you need to be a good developer? Or the other “non-technical” skills that are required? Did you know that all development roles are not created equal? Is it true that moving jobs a lot is a bad thing? Join Trisha Gee to hear some lessons she learned the hard way over 20+ years as a Java developer. You’ll discover what's really important when planning your career as a developer and get tools for working out your next steps. If nothing else, you’ll get to laugh at the (many) mistakes Trisha’s made in her search for the “Perfect Job.”

This has been presented multiple times over the last ten years or so, always evolving. Details here:

Trisha Gee

Engineer, author, keynote speaker, developer champion, catalyst.

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