Crafting your Cybersecurity Strategy: Tales from the Trenches

Cybersecurity stands as one of today's top concerns for many organizations. While a lucky few may have the required expertise in-house, many still rely on external specialists to guide their cybersecurity endeavors, a thing which, in turn, tends to provide its own challenges.

Crafting an effective cybersecurity strategy involves assessing the organization's current posture, identifying potential risks, formulating comprehensive policies, ensuring staff are well-trained, responding to incidents, and maintaining adherence to compliance standards, among other tasks.

In this session, participants will delve into the foundational components of a robust cybersecurity strategy aligned with the organization's mission and vision. Through real-world examples, attendees will grasp how such strategies elevate an organization's cybersecurity maturity, improve its security posture, and fortify its resilience against potential threats.

Tudor Damian

Cybersecurity & Cloud Advisor @ D3 Cyber

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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