Cybersecurity in the Era of AI and Quantum Computing

Cybersecurity is rapidly evolving, shaped by artificial intelligence (AI) and the emergent potential of Quantum Computing. AI enhances security through automated detection and analysis, swiftly processing vast amounts of data to spot and predict threats, and Quantum Computing holds the promise to revolutionize various industries by offering unparalleled computational speed and efficiency, enabling it to tackle complex problems far beyond the reach of classical computers.

Yet, these benefits also come with risks: AI's capabilities can be exploited for advanced phishing, vulnerability discovery, and creating adaptive malware, complicating the cybersecurity landscape, while Quantum Computing further challenges digital security by threatening to undermine traditional encryption, making existing protections potentially obsolete.

This session will explore the mixed impact of AI and Quantum Computing on Cybersecurity, highlighting both the advancements and vulnerabilities they introduce. We'll discuss current threats like supply chain attacks and ransomware, alongside the integration of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) with AI and quantum defenses, offering a strategic viewpoint on safeguarding against the future of cyber threats.

Tudor Damian

Cybersecurity & Cloud Advisor @ D3 Cyber

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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