From data to action: Driving decision-making with Power BI

Let's face it; there are probably not many people designing dashboards and reports just to have something pretty to look at. Companies asking for dashboards want to get insights and eventually take action with these insights.
Many Power BI dashboards companies use do not fully fulfill this need. Often there is data, which is good, but taking action and taking the next step with the insights needs many additional steps... When we take a step back, the dashboards were intended to lessen the workload and not add to the workload.

In this session, "From Data to Action," I will show how you can visualize the data in a way that helps companies to take the next step. Often, this is not complicated, and you don't need to buy additional tools. Just some visual tweaks will go a long way!

Also, this session will focus on asking the right questions and tailoring the design to your audience. So it's a mix of visuals, examples, and theory about choosing the right design to answer the (actual) question.

Whether you are a business analyst, a data enthusiast, or a decision maker, this session will help you to bring your dashboards to the next level. It will also help you to communicate more clearly to the team what you are looking for, even if you don't know everything about Power BI and dashboard design.

Valerie Junk

Data Analytics, Visualization & Storytelling | PorcuBI

Utrecht, The Netherlands


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