Paint it Black: Rocking Dark Mode Dashboards

Designing Power BI reports can be tough; designing them in a different way than the old-school white background and standard Power BI color scheme can be even harder. Most people are afraid to use something other than the standard provided; however, designing a dashboard in a dark mode style (black or dark color background) is not only aesthetically better (okay, personal opinion 😉) but also can enhance user experience. Just think about working with tools that all have dark mode all day and then suddenly opening a Power BI report brighter than the sun. Who wants that?

The session aims to guide the audience through the process of designing a Power BI report that is presented in dark mode. From selecting appropriate visual elements to optimizing readability and accessibility, guidelines will be presented to create stunning visualizations that leave a lasting impression. And, of course, there is also some advice on how to sell this to the business!

Key topics
- Understand why a dark design can actually be beneficial
- Learn about the art of contrast and effective color choices
- Tips to increase readability and ease for the eyes
- Best practices in general when designing in Power BI
- How to sell this to the business

Valerie Junk

Data Analytics, Visualization & Storytelling | PorcuBI

Utrecht, The Netherlands


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