Vincent Biret

Information & Communications Technology

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Montréal, Quebec, Canada

Intro to building rich & reactive applications with Microsoft Graph & change notification

In today's day and age, users expect applications to reflect data changes immediately and to be notified when such changes occur. Tracking data changes in real time between different systems is a complex task for developers which leads to subpar experiences if it is not addressed properly.

Together we will see how you can take advantage of change notifications in the Microsoft Graph to build reactive rich and reactive applications. We will also look closely at a new preview feature: notifications with data, the value they provide and how to take advantage of those in your applications.

Join Microsoft Graph Program Manager Vincent Biret for a session filled with demos and best practices.

Vincent Biret

Software developer on Microsoft Graph SDKs

SharePoint Geek for many years, Azure and Visual Studio Team Services aficionado and international speaker.
I'm thrilled to share moments with you speaking about technology!

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