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Introduction To The Microsoft Graph: Getting Started Quickly & Getting The Most Out Of It

You may have heard about the Microsoft Graph. It’s extremely important for any Office 365 developer to learn and understand what the Graph is capable of and how to best use it. There is a lot to learn whether you are accessing millions of meetings, documents, emails, chats, devices and much more to provide intelligence and integration with your solutions, or leveraging the data and services from applications hundreds of millions of users use every day. So where and how do we get started?

How do we answer questions like:
• How does the Graph work?
• Should you integrate your data and services with the Graph?
• What can you access and how can you provide more intelligence and integration with your solutions?

During this session join Microsoft Graph Program Manager Vincent Biret as he shows you how to get started working with the Microsoft Graph. This session will discuss the API capabilities and documentation as well as the SDK’s, tools and key concepts to master around authentication and authorization.

Prepare yourself for lots of demonstrations for developers that are curious about the Microsoft Graph but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

Vincent Biret

Software developer on Microsoft Graph SDKs

SharePoint Geek for many years, Azure and Visual Studio Team Services aficionado and international speaker.
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