Three cups of Java

Communities affect our lives from an early age. It could be a church group, a book club, or a sports team. The fundamentals are the same worldwide, regardless of your involvement. In this talk, we will look at how community involvement affects our lives as software developers and why this is especially important for your professional and personal growth. You have heard of the concept of “eventual consistency” as it pertains to engineering; however, its “intentional consistency” that opens more doors for developers.

In Pashtun culture, community and hospitality are based on three cups of tea.

The first cup of tea, we are strangers. The second cup of tea, we are friends, and after the third cup of tea, we are family. The same can be said for developer communities worldwide, although tea is often replaced with beer!

How a kid from London with a degree in Pottery became a Java Champion and OSS project Steering Committee member.

I have spent a lifetime involved in various communities, Athletics, Art, and now software. Community involvement changed my life; I can show people how it can change theirs.

Vincent Mayers

I am not a Software Engineer but I do play one on TV

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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