Mobile: DevOps or Not DevOps

There is a bunch of DevOps practices, like Continuous Integration, Blue/Green Deployment, Staged Rollouts etc. How do the things work for Mobile from DevOps perspective? Can we call the current situation in mobile development fully DevOps compliant? Let's see!

First of all, we need to check out the code. Then build it and run static analysis, followed by unit tests. Then sign it and publish. Sounds like it is the same as you would do for server side development. But devils in details.

First of all, in order to build a mobile app you will need a mac machine, at least for iOS. Then you will need to deal with the problems of dependency managers and build systems used for mobile: gradle, CocoaPods, Xcode build, Swift PM etc.

And when you built your binary you need to sign it, that means coping with provisioning profiles, certificates etc.

And when you think you're done you have to deploy your app to distribution services or right to the google play/app store and this is a separate problem.

This talk gonna cover everything you need to know about mobile DevOps and if you can call it a proper devops practice.

Vladimir Ivanov


Tallinn, Estonia

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