Wassel Alazhar

Information & Communications Technology

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Real world Evolutionary Design

Do you struggle to build a flexible working software without any big upfront design?

Do you have fun with code katas but you feel you need more to tackle real world design problems?

During this session, we will build a software following different Evolutionary Design techniques. Thanks to this exercice, we will see how _Outside-in TDD by wishful thinking_ can help emerging design and keep us focused on the value to deliver.

Bring your own laptop.

Wassel Alazhar

Software craftsmanship symmathesist

Wassel Alazhar is a consultant at Octo Technology and an active member of the software craftsmanship and DDD communities in Paris. He has also founded "Crafting Data Science, Paris".

In the business for 15 years, he helps his clients to sustainably deliver value through better quality software.

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