Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview

Data is important for every organization. To know your data estate (systems), their dependencies, the responsible people and processes takes your company's data literacy to the next level.
This topic is called Data Governance, which includes two main streams: a) the organizational processes and policies and the b) the technical tools to support the organizational processes.

Many of us think, that Data Governance is a technical problem to solve, but I would start the Data Governance day with an explanation what DG is. We will talk about the people involved, the processes needed, policies that should be in place and the technology so support the processes.
The overall Data Governance vision and strategy will also be discussed.

After the DG theory part, we will dive into a Data Governance tool - Azure Purview. In the Hands-On lab we will connect to data sources, configure scans, see how Purview classifies data, assign and work with a business glossary, work with & analyze data lineage and see the Purview data catalog in action.
In the last part of the day, we will see Purview integration in action - the Apache ATLAS API will be presented as well the integration into Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics.

At the end of the day, attendees should have a feeling about what Data Governance is, the organizational requirements as well as a first look into Azure Purview and how a technical answer to these questions can look like.

Wolfgang Strasser

data juggler

Hartkirchen, Austria


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