When the standard UI is not sufficient - Azure Purview and the Apache ATLAS API

Azure Purview has been introduced as the unified Data Governance service. Getting new sources and features every few months, the supported system landscape was broadened.
Sometimes however, the standard sources and features are not sufficient - for example you need to catalogue a system that is not supported by Purview itself. Or you need to query data catalog data from Purview to build documentation or beautiful dashboards.
In these cases, the Apache ATLAS is your friend: with the deep integration into Azure Purview, you are able to extend your data catalog, add and modify data assets plus query data from the Purview data map.
Join this session to get an overview about what is possible and discuss some ideas how the Apache ATLAS API could be used together with Azure Purview.

Wolfgang Strasser

data juggler

Hartkirchen, Austria

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