DevOps in Voice Apps

Since 2011 voice assistants have been entering our lives little by little. It wasn't until 2014 that Amazon created the Echo devices with its built-in assistant, Alexa. In 2018 they give us the opportunity for anyone to add functionality through skills, it means to be able to create voice-based applications for the first time.
What are we going to talk about?
Developing an Alexa skill can be a lot of fun, but nobody likes to find negative comments and reviews in order to begin to identify and correct bugs. Skills developers use tests and automation to minimize these risks. In this talk, I will talk about how to test your Alexa skill thanks to the Alexa Skill Kit and its API. At the same time, I will explain how to automate the daily workflow of a skill, from commit to deployment using Open Source tools such as GitHub Actions, Codecov, Bespoken among others.
What does it bring to the attendees?
This talk will help people learn about the tools that are available to guarantee the quality of an Alexa skill. So they can get better products and know that they are not alone during the development process.
Who will be interested on it?
1. Tech leads new architectures are being born from the appearance of these applications and platforms. It is a good opportunity to learn about this new approach.
2. Site Reliability Engineers If your product is an Alexa skill, this talk is necessary to understand what tools exist to guarantee high quality in the final product.
3. DevOps Engineers If you are a DevOps lover come and find out how DevOps can be done when you develop a Skill!

Keywords: Voice, Alexa, Voice Apps, AWS, Voice First, AI, DevOps.

Xavier Portilla Edo

Head of Infrastructure at Voiceflow

Valencia, Spain


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