Voice Applications (Alexa Skills) Cloud Native on Kubernetes with Terraform

Since 2011 voice assistants have been entering our lives little by little. It wasn't until 2014 that Amazon created the Echo devices with its built-in assistant, Alexa. In 2018 they give us the opportunity for anyone to add functionality through skills, it means to be able to create voice-based applications for the first time.
What are we going to talk about?
In this talk, a totally pioneering architecture in this type of application will be taught: How to deploy an Alexa Skill in Kubernetes environments. From local development with Kind and DevSpace, through the design of a Helm chart of Alexa Skill itself together with the non-relational database MongoDB, to automatic deployment in AKS with Terraform.
What does it bring to the attendees?
The main goal of this talk is, in addition to learning how to develop an Alexa Skill, to teach attendees the different ways to develop and deploy an Alexa Skill. We will investigate all the different types of deployments supported for these voice applications.
Who will be interested on it?
1. Tech leads nuevas arquitecturas están naciendo a partir de la aparición de estas aplicaciones y plataformas. Es una buena oportunidad para aprender sobre este nuevo enfoque.
2. Product managers puede ser una buena oportunidad para poder detectar nuevas funcionalidades/interacciones de un producto.
3. Engineers si eres un amante de las nuevas tecnologías esta es tu charla!

Keywords: Voice, Alexa, Voice Apps, Azure, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, AKS, Terraform, Voice First, AI.

Xavier Portilla Edo

Head of Infrastructure at Voiceflow

Valencia, Spain


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