Yogi Aradhye

Microservices vs. Monolith, a false dichotomy

"Monolith to microservices" is not a business goal. Business stakeholders don't care about architecture choices. They care if their customers are getting the optimum experience. Adopting microservices can have business advantages, but many times, companies overlook the disadvantages and tradeoffs. They also underestimate the inefficiencies and problems that are not directly related to the microservices transformation but often hold a project like this back. What goes wrong with them?

In this talk, we will dive into my real project experiences when we helped our clients reign in out of control microservices projects. Having a monolith isn't inherently bad, nor does microservices transformation solely deliver business value. After listening to this talk, you will know why it doesn't have to be a binary choice between microservices and a monolith. This knowledge can leave you equipped to start making improvements right away and achieve a successful transformation.

Yogi Aradhye

Principal Consultant, Headspring

Yogi Aradhye has been writing code for well over a decade and has worked on many different technologies. His diverse work experience includes small startups to large enterprises such as DELL. Currently, he is leading projects at Headspring as a Principal Consultant, focusing on building advanced distributed systems. Over the past 20 months, he has been a lead architect for a financial services client. He sets patterns and guides multiple teams in a collaborative journey towards microservices. Yogi has also been a speaker at .NET User Group Code Camps in Hartford, Boston, Houston, and Austin. He has also presented at larger developer conferences such as Kansas City Developer Conference and NDC Oslo.

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