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Information & Communications Technology

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Gent, Flanders, Belgium

Sam Vanhoutte

CTO at Codit, focus on Cloud & Innovation

Sam is CTO of Codit and a Microsoft Azure MVP. At Codit, he leads the A.I. incubators team to drive Machine Learning and AI driven projects. He is also driving the Azure IoT Elite partner program with a team of Azure IoT experts.
In working frequently together with Microsoft, Sam has extensive experience in building data-driven, integrated enterprise, IoT and cloud-based solutions. He has been heavily involved in several industrial IoT projects with leading brands and he designed the Nebulus IoT Gateway, and helped influencing the design of Azure IoT Edge.
Sam is a frequent speaker at national and international events. He is active in the Belgian and European Microsoft communities.

Love to share my passion about technology. Love cycling, traveling, beer and my family.

Current sessions

Time traveling in the cloud. Time series analytics with Microsoft Azure.

The data collected in IoT scenarios are often thought of as a ‘time series”. Through this data it’s possible to understand the past and use this data to anticipate the future. But time traveling is never straight forward. That’s why in this session Sam will walk you through the processing of time series data and he'll discuss some common roadblocks in time series analytics.

Not only will we focus on time series analytics and predictions for the future but you’ll also see which Azure services can be used and how they can be applied. We will tackle Time Series Insights, Azure Machine Learning and Azure Data Explorer and how they can be combined in data driven solutions.

Unleash the power of Azure IoT Hub

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub is a powerful service that leading organizations use for their large scale IoT deployments.
In this technical session you’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of how you can unleash the power of Azure IoT Hub to support your IoT projects.
You’ll explore the different capabilities for Telemetry ingestion, Security, Command and Control, Device Management, Message Routing, Device Twins, Device Metadata, File Upload, Device jobs and Direct queries. Sam will illustrate the full capabilities of these features with concrete examples.

need for good internet connection

From poll to push. Simplify Building Event Driven Architectures with Azure Event Grid.

Learn how to simplify building event driven, serverless microservices architectures with Azure Event Grid.
In this session Sam will show you how you can use Azure related events published in Azure Event Grid, that your applications and services can react to. You’ll learn how to react to events by using event handlers, how to publish customer events from your application. Sam will also explain the concepts Event Topics and Event Subscriptions. There will be a lot of demos drawn from real-world examples.

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Are you talking to me? Overcoming complexities in Conversational A.I.

Typos, context clues, named entities … with all the intricacies we find in a language, you often have to be “in the know” to know what’s being said. And when it comes to interpreting those complexities in Conversational A.I. for messaging apps, speech-based assistants, or chatbots, often it’s the end-user's confidence/trust that gets lost in translation.

Bring your bots into the loop and build up their conversational skills in this session on Conversational A.I. You will learn how to leverage Python and Azure Cognitive Services to better interpret (and interact in) conversations and how they help use Machine Learning and Deep Learning for enhanced customer experience.

Implementing Workflow patterns with Azure Durable Functions

Azure Durable Functions allows to build orchestrated workflows through code in a Serverless environment. It is an extension of Azure Functions that allows to have durable and stateful processes running in the cloud.
In this session, you will learn how Azure Durable Functions can be used to implement specific patterns and behaviours. This will be done by explaining the challenges that were encountered when building a sports community app and how these challenges were overcome through the use of Azure Durable Functions.

Attendees will learn about the fundamentals and principles for building Durable Functions and will see code and best practices around scalability, versioning, state management and scheduling. All code from this demo will be open sourced and available to attendees.

Streamlining your Machine Learning projects with Azure Machine Learning

Having a data scientist working out a complex machine learning model is one thing. Making that machine learning model part of a real solution that is ready for the future and that will evolve together with the business and the data, is another thing.
In this session, you will see how Azure Machine Learning can help in streamlining the team collaboration for Machine Learning. From the experimentation phase, the tuning of models, towards deployment and telemetry (and retraining) of the models.
This session will not dive in the complex details of AI/ML, but focus more on the actual workflow, which is called MLOps. You can expect a lot of demonstrations and demos.

Past and future events

NDC Oslo 2021

28 Nov - 2 Dec 2021
Oslo, Norway

Update Conference Prague 2021

17 Nov - 18 Nov 2021
Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czechia

Build Stuff 2021 Lithuania

16 Nov - 20 Nov 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania

Azure Community Conference 2021

28 Oct - 30 Oct 2021

Cloud DeveloperDays 2020

25 May - 26 May 2020

Azure Lowlands

23 Jan 2020
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

IglooConf 2020

15 Jan - 16 Jan 2020
Helsinki, Uusimaa, Finland

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2019

7 Apr - 9 Apr 2019
Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

Intelligent Cloud Conference 2018

28 May - 29 May 2018
Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark