Samik Roy

Samik Roy

Senior Developer, Born In The Cloud

Tech enthusiast, expertise in Office 365, Azure in terms of development and deployments.
Been a speaker in C# corner, Azure Vidyapeeth, SharePoint Saturday, Global PowerPlatform Bootcamp .

Current sessions

Remediate and Secure your Organization with Azure Sentinel, the new ERA SIEM

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a powerful Cloud native SIEM service for analytics and threat hunting
that removes the cost and complexity of achieving a central and focused system which gives a real-time view of the active threats
and remidiation in an enterprise environment.
A walk through of the entire solution with an end-to-end demonstration from
how to set it up, perform queries, investigations and more.

Advance your Deep investigations by hunting with Jupyter Notebooks In Azure Sentinel

As a part of advance threat hunting Jupyter Notebooks can be one of the userful option.
In this session, we will have a investigation roadmap through

1. Building adhoc notebooks for deep investigations.
2. Building reusable notebooks.
3. Running notebooks and viewing results.