Samir Behara

Information & Communications Technology

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

Samir Behara

Solution Architect at EBSCO Industries, Birmingham, AL

Samir Behara is a Solution Architect with EBSCO Industries and builds software solutions using cutting edge technologies. He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over 12 years of IT experience working on large-scale enterprise applications involving complex business functions, web integration, and data management in various domains like Insurance, Manufacturing and Publishing.

Samir is a frequent speaker at local, regional and national conferences and is the Co-Chapter Lead of the Steel City SQL Server UserGroup, Birmingham, AL. He is the author of

Current sessions

Improving Software Quality and Managing Technical Debt of your SQL Server Database

The importance of Code Quality in Software Development has increased over the period of time. With the right set of tools and processes, developers can make complex database changes and deploy them to Production confidently. It is more about identifying defects earlier in the process, preferably prior to code check-in to source control. Static Code Analysis is a collection of rules to analyze your source code at compile time to identify potential vulnerabilities, bugs, anti-patterns, refactoring and poor coding practices. 

Come join me in this session to learn how you can identify anti-patterns in your SQL Server database. This will also assist you to improve overall quality of code, adhere to good practices and keep the technical debt of your application in check.

DevOps, Continuous Integration & Database Lifecycle Management: Rule them all

Do you want to make your deployments risk free? Do you want to deliver business values to your customers faster? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your Team? Are your application and database deployment separate processes? Do you encounter issues while deploying your database changes? Do you want to automate your testing process? Is your database slowing you down?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a Yes, then this presentation is for YOU.
Come join me in this session to understand the problems with traditional database development, why organizations are moving towards achieving Continuous Integration and Database DevOps, the problems it tries to solve and learn about the toolsets which will assist you in this journey towards painless database deployments.

Modernize your Database development with the all new SQL Server Cross-Platform Tools

Since the release of SQL Server 2017 on Linux and macOS (Docker), the need for cross platform tooling has increased. In this session, you will learn about the improvements to the open source cross-platform SQL Server Tooling.

We will dive deep into an interactive tool for SQL Server which enhances the T-SQL experience in command line with superior intellisense and special command features. Next we will explore an extension to develop your SQL Server inside the most popular development environment as per the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018. If that is not enough, we will also look at the next generation lightweight customizable development environment for SQL development.

Come join me in this demo intensive session as we get started learning more about mssql-cli, mssql-scripter, mssql extension for Visual Studio Code and SQL Operations Studio. You will walk out of this session with better insights and hands-on knowledge of the various cross-platform open source SQL Server tools.

Master the Art of Unit Testing your Database Deployments

Data is hard to manage and databases are hard to test. Database deployments are far more complicated than application deployment, since you cannot redeploy your code from scratch every time. Database automation is tough and more often it’s the fear of messing up the critical data that can pause the forward development and slow down business delivery.

Writing SQL Unit Tests is an integral part of the database lifecycle and gives more confidence to developers to push a change to Production. Unit Testing, done right, can save you from burning midnight oil and fighting production issues after a deployment.

Come join me in this session to learn how to effectively test your database code, isolate external dependencies with mock objects, gain in-depth understanding of mocking and assertion frameworks, write data driven tests and also running automated tests as part of the Continuous Integration process. This will be a demo intensive session and I will explain the various challenges we faced in our organization while writing automated tests for our database code and how we successfully resolved them.

Past and future events

Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 at Troy University

27 Apr 2019
Troy, Alabama, United States

CodeStock 2019

12 Apr 2019 - 13 Apr 2019
Knoxville, Tennessee, United States

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 at Troy University

21 Apr 2018
Troy, Alabama, United States