Sancho Harker

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Sancho Harker

There's always a better way!

Sancho Harker is an autistic Microsoft Power Platform specialist who creates integrated and low-cost solutions. He currently empowers business users and allows them to spend their time more efficiently by replacing legacy processes with Power Apps, Power Automate or Power BI. Power Apps has changed his life, not only professionally but also personally. Sancho is a Super User on the Power Apps Community Forums, a Power Apps Champ and is also a Microsoft Business Applications MVP. Ask Sancho about theming, templating and developing Power Apps faster.

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Build even faster with PowerApps Templates

Have you ever changed every colour property of a Power App to match brand/theming? Would you like to be able to change themes on-the-fly within your Power Apps? So much time can be saved by the community if we share and use templates to build Apps.