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Oslo, Norway

Thomas Sandsør

CRM Keeper - Passionate about Dynamics

Low code, No Code approach to it all. I will only show things that everyone can manage to complete. All sessions will be posted on blog with a step by step guide.

Current sessions

Are low code platforms good or bad?

Journey through the good and bad when pushing low code platforms. Are they really making the world a better place?

PAPA, PAPU, Pro, Enterprise - bare gi meg CRM!

Hva er alle disse lisensene? Hva får jeg? Hva må jeg betale for? Hva om jeg ikke bruker alt? Trenger jeg Dynamics? Hva er forskjellene på alt dette? Denne sesjonen skal gi deg informasjon om jungelen av lisenser og hva du egentlig trenger for å få CRM tilpasset dine behov.

Utilizing Teams for your Dynamics 365 solutions

In this session, we will walk you through how and why you can integrate Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Human Resources in Teams. This way your company will get an even wider user area for Teams and bringing you entire company together working in Teams.

Dynamics Customer Service - Production ready system in under 1 hour

Is it possible to create a Customer Service Solution in less than 1 hour that is production ready?

I will walk you through a normal Customer Service implementation from start to finish. Looking at the OOTB features, and what needs to be done to make it ready.

At the end of the session I will show you how fast we can create a fully functioning Customer Service solution using my GITHUB community solution.

Dynamics 365, Customer Service

Field Service - The easy way

Showing how I configured Field Service to be a little simpler for the smaller organizations

Dynamics 365 Field Service

Sharing is Caring - HR and Field Service working together

Can 2 functional consultants connect Dynamics HR and Dynamics Field service without writing Code? We share our findings with the new ways of integrating solutions via Virtual Entities and Common Data Service. The result is hopefully a world where 2 different applications share data in great harmony

Speakers: Thomas Sandsør, Malin Martnes

3 ways Power Platfor increase user adoption for Dynamics.

How Point Taken increased the user adoption, and data quality with the Power Platform.

1. Power Automate, integrating to free open API for data quality.
Sub task: Cleaning of data regular basis with Power Automate Schedule

2. Power App, Simplifying the sales navigation to only 3 buttons!

3. DataFlow, Keeping the data up date with ERP system

Takeaways from talk is how you can think of data input and user interaction for better Dynamcis adoption. The legacy client introduces a lot of challenges that we no longer have to worry about. We are free from the "chains" that define the GUI, and now have the option to choose how we present data.

I will be describing personal experience from Point Taken internally, and other life experiences over time working with Dynamics CRM.

All 3 examples will be documentet on blogg for everyone to use.

Power App, Flow, DataGateway, DataFlow, Power Automate, CRM, Dynamics