Santiago Camargo

Information & Communications Technology

Human Computer Interaction

Bogotá, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Santiago Camargo

Senior UX Designer @Huge, FOF Latam Lead

Digital designer working at the intersection of technology, community, and curiosity. (Personal)

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Current sessions

Building Sticker Sheets for Huge Teams

Sticker Sheets are just a fancy way of using figma component libraries in a playful and organized manner. The aim of this talk is to demystify the process behind creating and organizing a design system from scratch, using our experience as product consultants for large companies.

We'd also love to highlight how building Sticker Sheets is largely a collaborative effort, bringing together the best of all design and engineering talent into one foundational space that aligns expectations and manifests them into components. We'll go through a bit of history and context, being specific as to where you might find the need for a large scale component library and how to start building one by prioritizing elements within it. Along the way we'll share culture insights, user testing opportunities, and all sorts of experiments that went well and wrong.

This talk is aimed at designers already interested/involved in Design Systems who want a deeper understanding of complex exercises and libraries deployed at scale.