Santosh Hari

Orlando, Florida, United States

Santosh Hari

Sr Azure Cloud & AI Consultant @ Microsoft | Organizer for @Onetug and #OrlandoCC

Santosh is a public speaker who has spoken at tech events including codecamps and regional/international conferences. He is a Sr Azure Cloud & AI Consultant @ Microsoft where he leverages his broad Azure skillset with a DevOps focused approach to add more value to companies looking to migrate to the cloud or build cloud first applications. He was a Microsoft Azure MVP from 2016-2020 and deeply involved with the local community as leader of the Orlando .NET User Group and co-organizer of the Orlando Codecamp. Santosh was listed in TechBeacon's DevOps Top 100 for 2018

Current sessions

Top 10 services for developers must know on Azure

Are you a developer getting started on Azure and running into analysis paralysis due to the large number of offerings? Working as an Azure consultant, I come across this scenario often. C# .NET SQL Developers would like to transition their skillsets to the Azure cloud. Resources like Microsoft Docs are a great starting point. But beyond that there's a lot of hype in training material and conference talks. "Everything should be on Kubernetes!" sound familiar? It is daunting for developers to learn the numerous services. The knowledge required to effectively know when and where to employ these services and which ones work well together is not widely available.

This talk covers in order of importance, a set of 10 services in Azure that all developers, architects and software professionals should know about. Discussions on whether one should start with fancy cloud technologies like containers and serverless or should we start simple with Azure Web Apps will be among the points discussed. Data Storage, Application Monitoring and Security will all be discussed in a fast paced talk. There are a ton of moving parts in Azure, and together we will come up with a plan for getting your application and your Azure skills gradually up to speed so that you can take them all on!

Serverless & Schema-less with Azure Functions and CosmosDB

Remember the scene from The Matrix where Neo goes "I know ... Kung Fu". Consider this your "I know ... Kung Fu" moment but for Serverless. These days some of the best solutions are Serverless - code executing in the cloud, reading and writing data to datastores in the cloud, without having to worry about minuate like the data schema and scaling issues. This talk goes beyond the Serverless hype and discusses some use cases and practical implementations for truly going Serverless using Azure Functions, CosmosDB and C#.

A gentle intro into NoSQL and CosmosDB for the ASP.NET/SQL Server developer

Do you work on ASP.NET and/or SQL Server (or other RDBMS) full time? Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into the NoSQL world without having to install and configure a bunch of tools and services? Ever wonder what all this hype surrounding Azure CosmosDB is? Get a gentle intro to the NoSQL world and the CosmosDB platform.

SQL Server is not an excuse to avoid DevOps

Working as a DevOps consultant in the field I hear this excuse all the time: "We can't do DevOps, we use a SQL database"
Handcrafted database deployments take days and are extremely fragile. This often leads DBAs to the misconception that introducing DevOps - which naturally leads to an increased cadence in deployments - will result in DBAs doing deployments all the time and with more breakages. We will dispel this misconception by showing how DevOps automation and a little discipline allow better testing, shorter release cycles, and reduced business risk. We will also discuss some techniques and best practices for introducing DevOps for SQL Server deployments.

Feature flags: the toggle, the A/B test and the canary

The beauty of a feature flag is simplicity - it's a conditional block of code that chooses between different execution paths at runtime. In this talk, we will combine this simple concept with DevOps principles to perform powerful operations like separating code deployments from feature releases, canary releases, product owner-driven releases, testing in production, beta & A/B testing and even, kill switches. The demos and code samples will use open source libraries like FeatureToggle (C#) and SaaS products like Azure App Configuration and Launch Darkly. Learn how to achieve control and mastery over your deployments and releases with feature flags.

Thinking fast and slow with Lambda Architecture

Many big data architectures support either batch-oriented or real-time queries... but this limits the types of insights you can derive from your data. Lambda architectures support both types of queries... at the same time.

A lambda architecture enables both real-time and batch-oriented queries against the same logical data stream. It's a simple but powerful concept that allows consumers to observe frequent changes in the data stream, and also mine for deep insights across a wide range of time.

This talk will explain the core elements behind lambda architectures, walk through some sample use cases, and demonstrate the use of Microsoft Azure services like Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, serverless Functions, Cosmos DB, Data Lake, and more to create fast, highly scalable data processing pipelines.

The reality of burnout among software professionals

Burnout among software professionals is far more widespread than we would like to admit. It sneaks up on us. At first we dread going in to work each day. We can barely focus enough to get through the day and struggle with otherwise simple-for-us tasks. It starts there and gets much worse. So what are some of the things that cause us to burn out? We will draw from personal experiences and have a frank and productive discussions on some of the well-known, and not so well-known causes of burn out, how to recognize the symptoms, how to avoid getting burned out and some tricks on coping.

A gentle intro into NoSQL for the RDBMS developer

Do you work on MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres (or other RDBMS) full time? Have you ever wanted to dip your toes into the NoSQL world? Ever wonder about the hype surrounding NoSQL? What is the difference between MongoDB, Redis, Neo4j, Cassandra and CosmosDB? Get a gentle intro to the NoSQL world and more importantly, when to use it and when not to use it.

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