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Pune, Maharashtra, India

Santosh Yadav

Google Developer Expert Angular

Santosh is GDE for Angular and he is an open source contributor for Angular, NgRx, and Writer at AngularInDepth and DotNetTricks.

Current sessions

Angular Builders in depth

Angular Builders are new API made public with Angular 8 release, we will see how it is used internally and how we can extend the same.

Angular Builders for Deployment

With Angular 8.3, Angular introduced a new command "ng deploy" in this session we will see how we can utilize builders to deploy on Netlify. And how I created one for netlify

State Management using NgRx

How to utilize NgRx to manage state and how we can improve performance

Past and future events

GDG DevFest Warsaw&Radzymin 2019

6 Dec - 7 Dec 2019
Warsaw, Mazovia, Poland

FrontEnd Frameworks and LIbraries


1. 11 to 11:30 : How to Start Contributing to Open Source By Santosh

2. 11:30 to 12:30 : Getting Started with RxJs By Jan-Nikalas Wortman (Remote) (RxJs core Team)

3. 12:40 to 1:15 : Getting Started with React Sushmita Kaneri

1:15 to 2:00 - Networking and Tea break

2 to 2: 45 TBD
30 Nov 2019
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Unit Testing Workshop

You will learn how to do Unit Testing in Angular using Jasmine and Karma.
24 Nov 2019
Pune, Maharashtra, India

NgRx Workshop

NgRx is one the widely used State Management Frameworks for Angular. In this workshop we will, create an Angular 8 Application using NgRx.

Santosh Yadav is contributor for Angular and NgRx and creator of Ng deploy support for Netlify. He is also nestjsaddons core team member, and works and Deutsche Bank.
23 Nov 2019
Pune, Maharashtra, India