Satya Karki

Satya Karki

Blockchain Developer at Stratis Platform

Manila, Philippines


Satya Karki is a Sr. Software Engineer, MCP, MCTS with 10+ years of Professional Experience in Microsoft Technologies. Hands-on experience with Blockchain and Smart Contract development, ASP.NET, MVC, ASP.NET Core, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software Architecture, SharePoint Technologies, SharePoint Apps, Cloud Apps, Power Apps, Power Automation, Power BI, C#, C#.NET, VB.NET, .NET Reporting, Services, Web Design, and Development.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET Core ASP.NET Core ASP.NET .NET Azure DevOps VSTS Azure Visual Studio Scrum
  • #PowerPlatform
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • solution design
  • Solution Architecture
  • SharePoint
  • Cogntive Services

Smart Contract Development using C# Language

-Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contract
-Use case of Blockchain and Smart Contract
-Smart Contract development environment setup.
-Demo on Smart Contract development using Visual Studio and C# language.

Solution Design for Blazor Web Apps with .NET 7

The primary idea in Clean Architecture is to make the solution adaptive, keep the core business or application logic use cases independent of frontend and external frameworks.
Blazor framework is one of the web development platforms for the .Net family that provides the flexibility to develop both backend and front using the same language, C#. It is a component-driven UI framework that takes advantage of shared business objects and code for building applications in both front-end and back-end.
In this session, we will design a clean architecture solution for Blazor Web App and discuss some best practices.


• What is Clean Architecture
• Architecture and Basic Principles behind Clean Architecture
• What is Blazor Web Apps?
• Why we choose Blazor?
• Blazor Server vs Blazor WebAssembly
• Design A Solution following Clean Architecture for Blazor with .NET 7
• Implementing Repository Pattern and Entity Framework with Clean Architecture
• Some best practices and recommendations

ML.NET - Developing a Custom ML Model with ML.NET

ML.NET - Developing a Custom ML Model with ML.NET using visual studio.

Image Analysis using cognitive service in .Net Application

As a developer, sometimes we need to use AI in applications. In this event, we will learn to use cognitive services in the .net application.

The following points will be covered in the session so join the session to learn
-What is cognitive service
-Computer Vision
-How to use computer vision in .Net application for image analysis (Hands-on)

Clean Architecture with .NET 7 using Repository Pattern


• What is Clean Architecture
• Architectural Diagram and Layers of Clean Architecture
• Basic Principles behind Clean Architecture
• Design Solution with Clean Architecture in .NET 7
• Implementing Repository Pattern and Entity Framework with Clean Architecture
• Some recommendations

Build Minimal APIs in .NET 7

This session will cover the followings:
-What is Minimal API
-When to use Minimal APIs.
-Build Minimal APIs in .NET 7
-Build Custom APIs for CRUD operation with an example

Azure App Service for Developer

Azure App Service for Developer
- Deploy ASP.NET solutions
- Scaling Options
- Debug in Azure App Service Deployed Solution
- Deployment Slots
- Other Configurations

Design ML Model with Drag and Drop Azure Machine Learning designer

Design ML Model without writing single line of code.
- Azure ML Introduction
- Import data source options
- Cleaning Data
- ML Algorithms
- Training and evaluating the ML model
- Design Model
- Deploy with real-time end points

Data Modeling and Analyzing in Power BI

In this session we will cover how to model data and analyze data in Power BI. We will use Power BI Desktop to model, analyze and visualize data.

Women Data Summit

AI Assisted Development for Blockchain Application using GitHub Copilot

Copilot Introduction
Blockchain Introduction
Background of Blockchain App development
Smart Contract
Demo Utilizing GitHub Copilot in blockchain based application

New Features and Enhancement in .NET 8

This session will cover:
new features and enhancement in .NET 8 and provides overall idea how .NET developers and organizations can benefited form it.

Satya Karki

Blockchain Developer at Stratis Platform

Manila, Philippines


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