Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Kumar

Application Developer at Mintware Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

i am enthusiastic and self-motivated professional who loves coding and exploring new technologies.
Currently working as Full Stack Developer but more inclined towards backend development with JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB, GraphQL, etc
I play chess and badminton in free time and loves to read novel.

Current sessions

MongoDB Charts: An innovative approach to create visual representations of your MongoDB data.

We generate quintillion bytes of data every day and to understand that data we can easily spend millions of dollars on analytics, but the technology is changing at its own speed. We are talking about MongoDb Charts, a tool to create visual representations of your MongoDB data.

Who should attend: Any level of experience can attend, through basic knowledge of Atlas is recommended (as, it will not be covered in the session).
Preferable: Developers, Data Scientist and Data Architect

Why should they attend:
I will talk about the best practises one should follow while making MongoDB charts.
Talk about how we solve real world problems by visualizing live data.

What will I tell them:
1. How MongoDB Charts will help us visualize our data in a meaningful way.
2. How to setup MongoDB Charts on Atlas and launch our first charts, and then dashboard.
3. Understand about different types of charts supported by MongoDB Charts.
4. The Capabilities and features of MongoDb Charts.