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San Francisco, California, United States

Sean Bugler

Cloud Architect, Technical Trainer, and Collaboration Evangelist

Sean is a Cloud Architect with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, a government agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously a technical trainer, Sean has worked with startups, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies alike to build, optimize, and re-imagine what collaboration and productivity look like. You can find him on Twitter @sbglr.

Current sessions

Flow Beyond Microsoft

An exploration of Microsoft Flow that kicks the door open to a whole universe of apps and services beyond Microsoft. Learn how to use “unconnected connectors” like Controls (including Condition and Do Until) and Variables to bring your technology stack a little closer together.

In this session we’ll:
* Discuss the value of Flow as the “glue” between hundreds of different services.
* Use “unconnected connectors” to transform/store data and introduce logic into your automated workflows.

Government is Automating and So Can You

The government is where innovation goes to die. Right? Wrong. Join a solutions architect from the State of California as we discuss how government is using Microsoft Flow to empower an entirely new class of power users to reimagine what workflows can (and should) be in 2019.

In this session we’ll:
* Explore real-world success stories of Flow in Government.
* Discuss strategies to encourage adoption at every skill level.

“1 Unique viewer” - My SharePoint Comeback Story and How You Can Build Yours

You play the cards you’re dealt. Where do you pivot when SharePoint fails to leave the ground? How do you pitch a platform everyone thinks they already know? Join us as we discuss the tricks (and challenges) to winning over company hearts and minds, including the all-too-real story of how we turned SharePoint around in my own government agency.

In this session we’ll:
* Share best practices when building a “low-contribution” intranet.
* Discuss tips and tricks to move fast and iterate using data insights and site usage.
* Explore strategies to encourage engagement without harassing users.

Tell a Better Story with Flow

Great ideas don’t always break through the noise. Everyone needs inspiration. Your colleagues. Your customers. Even you. Building a narrative around Flow can help decision-makers and other influencers see the potential within the low-code revolution. Join us for a discussion around simple yet compelling use-cases and easy-to-use templates that just might help you introduce Flow to even the most skeptical among us.

In this session we’ll:
* Build out popular Flow templates
* Customize templates to enhance functionality beyond “out of the box”.
* Discuss what to look for in a “killer app” depending on your audience

SharePoint Design Matters

Modern SharePoint provides a powerful, beautiful, and user-friendly design experience right out of the box. But having the right tools is just half the battle. Web parts, sections, navigation layout, and other components must work in concert with each other.

In this session we’ll build a modern SharePoint portal and discuss along the way what clever design moves, simple rules, and considerations can help create a frictionless and intuitive experience for everyone at every level.

Past and future events

Office 365 & SharePoint Saturday Nashville

15 Jun 2019
Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Minnesota Microsoft 365 Admin Workshop Day

17 May 2019
Edina, Minnesota, United States