Deepa Subramanian

Deepa Subramanian

Google Developer Expert Web Technologies | Software Engineer | Speaker

San Jose, California, United States


Deepa is a self taught Software Engineer. She is passionate and curious about web technologies and PWA's. She enjoys building applications using Angular and React and now exploring the Flutter platform too! She volunteers as an ambassador at Women Techmakers, and speaks at various tech events. She used to organize events at Google Developer Group San Jose.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Web Development
  • Frontend Development
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Angualr
  • React
  • progressive web apps
  • Firebase
  • PostgreSQL
  • mongodb
  • Amazon Web Services
  • NodeJS
  • Flutter App Development

Build a PWA in Flutter Web and, Deploy in Firebase!

Build a PWA in Flutter Web and, Deploy in Firebase!" Come see how these three technologies work together. There will be a demo at the end! Deepa Subramanian is a Google Developer Expert at #Web, Software Engineer, WTM Ambassador!

Flutter web firebase

"Fluttering into the Future: A Beginner's Guide to App Development"

Join for an engaging session where we'll unravel the fundamentals of Flutter app development. Our beginner-friendly demo will showcase essential concepts such as widgets, lists and screen navigation, providing a hands-on experience for those new to Flutter. Discover the simplicity and power of Flutter as we guide you through the basics, making app development an enjoyable journey. Embrace the future of app development and flutter into the world of endless possibilities!

A small demo will be showcased during this talk!

Pulling the Strings of Puppeteer for Web Automation

Talk about how to use Google's Puppeteer

Is Next.JS the new React.js?

In recent years, Next.js has emerged as a powerful framework that is transforming the landscape of React.js development. With its advanced features and seamless integration with React, Next.js offers a robust solution for building scalable and performant web applications.This conference session aims to explore the capabilities of Next.js and delve into its potential to become the new standard for React.js development. I will also showcase real-world examples of Next.js implementations, highlighting the successes and lessons learned by organizations that have adopted this innovative framework. Join me for this enlightening session and discover how Next.js is redefining React.js development.

Redux, MobX and What's Next in Managing State

This talk will have a refresher on React essentials features such as components, state and hooks. Then deep diving to React components which have a built-in state object. The state contains data where assets are stored which are persistent between component renderings. In this talk, the listeners will be able to understand why libraries such as Redux / Mobx will be useful to maintain the state of the components as the application grows larger. We will compare different state management tools including recoil with a small demo at the end !

React State Management

Let's build an app quickly with Qwik!

Qwik is a new framework for building web UI's. We will cover some rendering techniques and explore a few of Qwik’s APIs.
Finally, the attendees will learn how Qwik makes applications resumable by using Qwikloader, QRL and more. We will see a demo at the end!

Build and Deploy: React Progressive web app to Firebase

In this talk the learners will come to know how to create a React application and make it to a progressive web app by registering using service worker. Run an audit using Lighthouse. The learners will also learn how to deploy the app using Firebase. A small demo will be used to make sure the attendees can easily understand.

React PWA Firebase

DevFest Florida Orlando Sessionize Event

October 2023 Sanford, Florida, United States

Deepa Subramanian

Google Developer Expert Web Technologies | Software Engineer | Speaker

San Jose, California, United States


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