Sean McMains

Information & Communications Technology

Virtual Reality Software Deveopment Agile Engineering iOS Software Development

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Sean McMains

Director of Technology Implementation at Handsome

Sean McMains loves to make awesome stuff: cannons, software, trebuchets, games, music, rockets, pranks, hovercraft, and four kids. He wrote his first software for pay at age 12, and has been programming ever since. He's been fortunate to be a part of the rise of the web, mobile, and now Extended Reality. He's currently directing the technology implementation team at Handsome in Austin, Texas.

Current sessions

Accessible Design in AR/VR

Come join Handsome's Director of Technology Implementation Sean McMains as he presents an introduction to Virtual & Augmented Reality followed by a discussion of principles of accessible design within those mediums. Together we'll look at ways of making spatial computing maximally useful for everyone, regardless of degree of mobility, vision, acuity of hearing, or motor control. We'll then consider the various tools and resources that are available for designing for those technologies, and wrap up with Q&A and open discussion.

Talk requires about 45 minutes of presentation time and usually generates 5-10 minutes of Q&A.