Sebastiano Miano

Information & Communications Technology


London, England, United Kingdom

Sebastiano Miano

Queen Mary University London, Postdoc Researcher

Sebastiano Miano is a Postdoc researcher at the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of Queen Mary University of London.
During his PhD he has been visiting researcher at the EIT Silicon Valley Hub in San Francisco and visiting PhD student at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Sebastiano is particularly interested in programmable data planes and high-speed network function virtualization with a focus on eBPF and XDP. He has worked on several open source project such as Polycube, a framework for flexible, efficient and re-configurable in-kernel VNFs with eBPF and bpf-iptables, a research project that aimed at building a faster and scalable clone of iptables in eBPF/XDP.
He is now working on a compiler framework built on top of LLVM, called Morpheus, that is able to dynamically optimize eBPF-based NFs based on runtime configuration and traffic characteristics.