Sébastien Besnier

Information & Communications Technology

functional programming elm-lang elm Compilers

Villebon-sur-Yvette, Île-de-France, France

Sébastien Besnier

Computer Science & Math teacher

CS & Math teacher, Sébastien is a big fan of computer programming: web, cryptography, compilers, formal methods, everything is interesting for him !

He has begun programming with "C++ for dummies" (true story!), then spent a few years with Python. Since he had discovered the functional programming, Haskell and Elm are its preferred languages.

Sébastien is the Parisian elm meetup organizer and is also involved in the organization of several events around elm (hackathon, conferences, ...).

When he is not programming, Sébastien try to get some sound from the 6 strings of his instrument or to overthrew the king with the help of bishops, knights and pawns.

Current sessions

Compiler-Driven-Onboarding: open source in elm

From a “good first issue” to a substantial PR, I will tell you how I have on-boarded the elm-in-elm open source project (https://github.com/elm-in-elm/compiler).

Following my experience step-by-step, I will explain how I have:
* simplified some tests,
* easily added a new feature in a large unknown code base,
* detected a bug, while all seemed good,
* improved the way the compiler can help the developer,
* helped new contributors to be involved in this project.

Moreover, since this project is a compiler I will also
interleave explanations about the compilation process...
This will be a chance to realize that while such software is
complex, it is nonetheless definitively accessible.

In short, this talk will speak about development methods, tooling, compilation, how to be involved in an open source project... and the Elm language!

Past and future events

DevFest du Bout du Monde

28 Feb 2020
Brest, Brittany, France