Shafi Syed J

Shafi Syed J

CTO, EVP Operations & Co-Founder Board Member, Corent Technology

Shafi leads Corent's Engineering development and operations. He is responsible for product development and delivery, including support, services and overseas operations. Shafi brings about 20 years of Silicon Valley product, technology and marketing background and has proven experience in building various teams in product development, technical marketing, strategic solutions, managing alliances and partner relations.

Current sessions

Azure Application Modernization – Making your application Smarter, PaaSified and Containerized.

Azure offers multiple advanced features that benefit applications on the Cloud either by reducing the footprint or by improving the reliability and performance. Join Corent to Explore how SurPaaS® Continuum™ can help assess your Cloud landscape and determine possible paths for Optimization and Modernization of your applications. You will see how workloads can be redistributed into a more scalable architecture, some components of your applications moved to PaaS services and some into containers. Explore how rapidly these can be modelled and moved into new and more efficient Cloud structures with a few hours.

An Open SaaS Platform – Extending your applications into SaaS on Azure

The future delivery method for all applications will be “as a Service”. In a few years the majority of Cloud spending will be through SaaS applications. This means new applications as well as older applications need to be delivered and managed as SaaS. Join Corent to look at SurPaaS® Continuum™ platform that can help accelerate SaaS delivery of your applications. See how applications that are not SaaS or Partially SaaS can be onboarded and setup as SaaS for consumption by customers as tenants, in a matter of days. We will also show how Application providers can rapidly transform themselves into SaaS providers weather they use Opensource applications, or their legacy applications to extend them into SaaS playing field.

The Azure Cloud Journey simplified with a single Platform - SurPaaS

Journey to Cloud is not a single step process. Moving On-Prem software assets into Cloud through Lift and Shift approach only changes where these applications operate. To leverage the scale, lower operations cost and improve efficiency of operations, it takes multiple cycles of continuous optimization and modernization stages. As Cloud Providers offer better capabilities, how can existing applications be re-mapped to utilize these new features on the Cloud? Join us to explore how SurPaaS® Platform can assess your datacenters, move applications to Cloud and continuously monitor, optimize and modernize your applications.