Shawn Sesna

Shawn Sesna

Continuous Delivery Architect - Octopus Deploy

Shawn Sesna is a Continuous Delivery Architect at Octopus Deploy. As a member of the Customer Success team, Shawn assists customers by reviewing customer implementations, providing recommendations, assisting customers with onboarding new projects, or help implement new product features.

Prior to joining Octopus Deploy, Shawn worked for the State of Washington for 21 years in various roles including developer, database administrator, and DevOps engineer. In his previous position, he automated deployments of their entire stack including ASP.NET web code, Window services, database code, SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, and even Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with PowerShell DSC using Octopus Deploy.

When not working, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, tinkering with home automation and racing on an amateur auto endurance team.

Automating database deployments with Redgate SQL Source Control and Octopus Deploy

In this presentation, I will demonstrate how to use Redgate SQL Source Control to automate database changes and deploy them using Octopus Deploy. This demonstration will include hooking up to source control (Azure DevOps), building (Azure DevOps), and deployment using Octopus Deploy.

Concepts covered:
- Connecting Redgate SQL Source Control to a repository
- Automating building your database project
- Automating deploying database changes with Octopus Deploy

Implementing DevOps in State government

Whether you are a government agency, a startup, or a large enterprise, the steps for implementing DevOps are relatively the same.

In this presentation, I tell the story of how I implemented DevOps concepts within a State government agency. I went from completely manual deployments to a fully automated CI/CD pipeline, standardized environments with IaC using PowerShell DSC, and improved cross-team communication and collaboration.

Join me as I cover
• Prioritizing and tackling the biggest problems first.
• Building vs. buying tools.
• Communication and collaboration.
• Constant progress and next steps.
• The (eventual) result.

Olympia SQL Server Users Group

October 2019 Olympia, Washington, United States

Shawn Sesna

Continuous Delivery Architect - Octopus Deploy