Sherman Woo

Information & Communications Technology

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Sherman Woo

Collaboration Architect

Sherman's been on the SharePoint scene since SharePoint 2007 was in Beta. (There was some brief work with SharePoint 2003, but we don't talk about that…) His early days as a .NET developer lead to CMS2002 which then lead to SP2007, and he hasn't looked back. Working for a consulting company provided Sherman with a lot of exposure to different business and technical challenges. His portfolio ranges from custom code to quick "power user" type solutions. Today, Sherman wears multiple hats as a SharePoint/Office 365 Systems Analyst and Strategist, something he likes to call a "collaboration architect".

Ask me about stand-up paddle-boarding, motorcycling, and hockey!

Current sessions

SharePoint Communication Sites Demystified

Microsoft announced a new type of site called a "communication site", which started rolling out globally this summer. How do these sites differ from the publishing sites we've known since SharePoint 2007? Come see what's available now and what features are missing. We'll take a tour of the bells and whistles of this shiny new toy and discuss some of the scenarios where it makes sense to use communication sites.

Lessons Learned from a Microsoft Teams Deployment

Hear a real-life story about deploying Office 365 to an organization in retail. We have about 500 office workers, with about 2500 total employees when including front-line staff.

After some false starts, we decided to start with Microsoft Teams as a starting point. What are some of the issues you need to worry about in this scenario? Can you *just* start with Teams? What about SharePoint and the rest? What do we do about our existing intranet?

Join this discussion about what's working, what challenges we're facing, and what's next in our journey.

Building a Buy & Sell app using Power Apps, SharePoint, and Teams

One of the often-requested features by employees is an internal marketplace so that we can sell our unused items to co-workers. With SharePoint on-premises, our options were limited and there would likely be some custom development, or a third-party add-on involved. A significant benefit of the Office 365 services is that we have many more tools available to us to solve business problems.
This session will review my journey into Power Apps and how I used it as the foundation for creating a “Buy & Sell” app. We will discuss lessons learned and how I integrated SharePoint and Teams to create an end-to-end solution.

A Crash Course on Teams

Microsoft Teams is 3 years old! It's used by a large number of people around the world in many organizations, big and small.

Do you keep hearing about Teams, but aren't into it yet and wonder what it is? Come to this session with plenty of demos to learn what Teams is all about and how to get started at your workplace. We'll also talk about the role SharePoint plays in how we can work with others more collaboratively.

• Overview of Teams and how it's different from instant messaging and email.
• Creating a Teams workspace to effectively communicate and efficiently collaborate with your peers.
• Understand how Teams uses SharePoint and how we can make use of SharePoint's capabilities.