Shivank Bansal

Information & Communications Technology

microservices cloudnative DevOps & Automation Kubernetes Open Source Software Agile Architecture

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Shivank Bansal

Digital Transformation Architect | Open Source Technocrat | Microservices, Cloud & DevSecOps Evangelist

I would like to introduce myself as an early adopter of digital transformation wave having 13+ years of on-ground experience. Over the years, I have garnered end-to-end experience encompassing analyze information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions and troubleshooting for complex information systems management.

A good definition of what we are trying to achieve as part of my current project in our digital platform initiative is 'Intelligent human interface'. We are making our platform Intelligent to take some decisions automatically on the basis of insights derived from data. At the same time, we don't want to limit our platform to cognitive thinking but to the next level where it can achieve emotional intelligence. Our platform will have abilities that facilitate understanding and influencing other human beings emotionally.

We are building some grounds up Open Source Technology Platform ecosystem, developing a mobile first, containerized application in microservices & Kubernetes architecture within a complete and end-to-end automated DevSecOps environment along with a real-time streamed Data lake and embedding emerging technologies with the power of Data Science & Algorithms.

In my current role, I am providing architecture & technology leadership for the major digital transformation at RIL. As a part of my role, I am leading business platform architecture to transform the existing processes and build SaaS applications that can be implemented in all group companies. The role involves continuous evaluation of the newest technology trends, selection of best open source tool & do a PoC or MVP before handing it over to the delivery team for full product development. As a major responsibility, I have been involved in each stage of development to ensure that designed architecture has adhered and the product has been delivered with the desired quality.