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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Shlomo Bielak

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Shlomo is the CTO at Benchmark Corp in Canada and a DevOps Institute Ambassador. His mantra to live by is: “I am here to help.” He is focused on supporting the practical side of DevSecOps which stems from his engineering and enterprise architecture background. He was previously a global head of Site Reliability Engineering and Application Security as a CISO for a Fortune 500. He is also the creator of Governance Engineering which is published in one of his whitepapers on DevGovOps. He has also worked with niche companies in the container space to publish two case studies showing how a large corporation can modernize its applications using containers and microservices in the cloud, while supporting PCI compliance using CD pipelines. He participates heavily in the conference scene which includes keynotes in; Atlanta, San Francisco, New York City, Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and New Orleans. He also provides thought-leadership and product management guidance to multiple partners at their CKO/SKOs to align better with the shift-left DevOps culture. Having successfully implemented digital transformation for a fortune 500 he plans to show others how to do so practically. Ask him anything on the spot. He loves it.

Current sessions

Pipeline Governor: The Heart of Governance Engineering

One unique finding from the ADDO survey was that Elite DevOps participants still see Application Security as slowing down development. Our invention of the pipeline governor changes how we collaborate with security teams going forward. It turns their bailiwick into a pipeline array of standards that DevOps teams try to meet. We will demonstrate our DevSecOps governor overlay on a CD pipeline. It will provide KPIs for compliance for security requirements and end the need for security meetings and audit preparation. NO MORE IMPEDIMENTS TO SEND CODE TO PRODUCTION - Implicit approval is possible. Let's demo pipelines to share a working Governance Engineering model with the world.

Cloud as a Commodity: The highest probability of 100% availability!

During this session we will discuss and demonstrate an infra-as-code SRE pipeline. That pipeline will create Kubernetes clusters and deploy 15 container images securely into GKE/EKS/AKS with ease. It will also construct a CDN to allow for multi-cloud availability as we purposefully DESTROY 2 cloud provider VPCs during the session (and stay available). This talk will practically showcase how availability zones between clouds increases your availability more so than doing it using a single cloud. We will share an architype that works and deliver it in the session live!

Past and future events

2020 All Day DevOps

12 Nov - 13 Nov 2020