Jeremy Sinclair

Jeremy Sinclair

Software & Application Security Architect - Orrick

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States

Jeremy works as a Software and Application Security Architect at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP who specializes in enterprise .NET Development and DevOps. His technology stack includes Azure, Azure DevOps, Power Platform, ASP.NET Core, SharePoint, and PowerShell. He also serves as a member of the .NET Foundation and is both a Windows Development MVP and Windows Insider MVP.

Previously known as a Recognized Developer/Forum Moderator on XDA Developers through his efforts in the Windows Phone homebrew community, he now devotes time towards evangelizing Windows on ARM and is a moderator for r/SurfaceProX on Reddit. Jeremy finds joy introducing others to products and services he's interested in and generally pushes to hype others up on Twitter.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, listening to music, and finding the next random thing to develop.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • ASP .NET Core
  • Azure DevOps
  • .NET
  • SharePoint
  • PowerShell
  • Windows on ARM
  • UWP
  • Xamarin Forms - MAUI
  • Uno Platform

KEYNOTE: Every Experience Is An Opportunity To Learn

Do you recall a time you felt a spark of excitement watching a cartoon or listening to a song that had an influenced an idea? Do you remember the first time you saw an input box on a website and wanted to learn how to make one? Inspiration appears in many forms, at random times. We each have different catalysts that led us on the path to become the developers we are today. In this session, you’ll discover how various experiences create opportunities to learn and stay motivated.

Bringing Your Apps to Windows 11 on ARM

Over the past year, Windows on ARM has gained performance improvements for running native applications on the platform. Windows 11 not only further improves performance, but adds rich, sleek UI and features that developers can take advantage of. See how you can use the Windows App SDK and .NET 6 to create beautiful native apps for Windows 11 on ARM.

Extending ASP.NET Core Identity to Suit Your Needs

First, ASP.NET used SQLMembership for maintaining local users and roles, then ASP.NET Identity was introduced to enhance this experience. ASP.NET Core Identity takes this to the next level thanks to the modularity that ASP.NET Core provides. This session will walk you through implementing this Identity manually. You'll learn how to override and scaffold Identity pages. You'll learn how to implement multi-factor authentication easily. You'll see how to wrap ASP.NET Core Identity around an existing and legacy membership database.

Make Your WPF Applications Shine with Fluent Design

Over the years, developers created desktop applications with WPF. The UWP controls in Windows 10 bring beautiful and intriguing Fluent Design, but it was only available in UWP applications. What if you want to use this design without fully migrating to a new UWP app? You can do this with XAML Islands! In this session, you will learn how to use Windows Runtime APIs with WPF. You will also learn how XAML Islands functions, and you will learn how to use the Win UI library to bring Fluent UWP controls into your existing WPF app.

Creating Your First Dev Home Extension

Dev Home was one of the great announcements from this year's Microsoft Build conference. It’s an app with a developer dashboard that lets you add widgets to see everything that matters to you, from your code to your cloud, from your tasks to your tests, and even information about system performance. But the best part is, you can make it your own. Dev Home is a platform that you can tailor and expand with your own widgets. In this talk, I will teach you how to create your own Dev Home extensions.

TechStylers: Evolve 2023

October 2023

Jeremy Sinclair

Software & Application Security Architect - Orrick

Wheeling, West Virginia, United States