Sowmyalakshmi Rangarajan

Sowmyalakshmi Rangarajan

Development Manager, SAP LABS India

Sowmya is leading a mid-sized team of 30+ people, that is working on SAP's flagship product S4HANA. She started her SAP journey as a developer and has presumed many different roles ranging from senior developer, scrum master, project manager and currently development manager. She has been a trained mindfulness practitioner.

Her role involves constantly enabling team to raise their own bars of achievement, stay focused, envision self as a leader, take ownership/ accountability and deliver one of niche products of SAP. She has been mentoring, guiding teams to perform and transform in an accelerated manner. Motivating them to constantly deliver innovations in their areas of expertise.

She has been part of university alliance programs at SAP and delivers lectures/ sessions to engineering college graduates on topics of her line of business and overview of professional journey.

Sowmya is a multi-faceted, dynamic, solution oriented professional having a diverse career graph spanning 16+ years of rich cross functional experience combined with Project Management, Software Development, Maintenance and people management.