Stefan Riedel

Information & Communications Technology

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Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany

Stefan Riedel

Stefan ist ein selbstständiger IT-Consultant und #poweraddict mit einer 15 Jährigen Erfahrung auf dem Gebiet der SharePoint-Technologien.

Gestartet als reiner SharePoint-Developer verbrachte er die meiste Zeit mit der Anpassungsprogrammierung von SharePoint-Plattformen und der Digitalisierung von Prozessen mit InfoPath und SharePoint-Workflows. Die Power Plattform Dienste Power Apps und Power Automate, denen er restlos verfielt, runden sein tun ab und machte ihn zum #poweraddict. Seitdem versucht er jedes Problem mit dieser Technologie zu lösen.

Da das Leben ohne Communities zu langweilig ist wurde er Mitgründer der "Microsoft Cloud & Collaboration Community Hannover" (kurz MSCCCH) sowie der "Power Platform UG Hannover". Darüber hinaus trifft man ihn als Besucher und Sprecher auf kleinen und großen Konferenzen, die sich seinem Herzens-Thema, der Power Plattform widmen.

2019 wurde er mit dem MVP-Award für den Bereich Business Applications ausgezeichnet.

Current sessions

10 things that really drove me crazy when developing with Power Apps and Flow

In the last few years I have developed various power apps and flows.

In this session, I'll show you 10 things that have given me the biggest headaches.

To prevent you from falling into the same traps, I'll also show you the appropriate workarounds and a few things that you should always keep in mind when developing with Power Apps and Flow.

Power Apps & Power Automate on the road

CloudApps are cool! The cloud anyway! But what happens at the milk can on a farm in the middle of nowhere and there is no internet connection available? This session shows how to use Power Apps and Power Automate when you are on the road. Furthermore, it gives answers to the questions of what works and what does not. The developer does not miss out too, because we'll show you how simple the realization of mobile and offline apps is.

Organize Power Meetings with Power Apps and Power Automate

One of the most stupid and boring tasks is to write down meeting minutes and to get them approved

I demonstrate how to build a meeting manager that can be integrated in Teams - powered by PowerApps, Flow, a bit of SharePoint Online and a couple of awesome connectors.
You will see how to plan the meeting topics and how to take the minutes during the meeting.
The minutes can be previewed in the PDF Viewer Component before saving them to SharePoint.
After saving, all attendees will receive an adaptive card in their personal teams chat to review and approve the document.
Additionally, all meeting attendees may submit comments that will be added to the current document.

In this session you will learn:
-how to import PowerApps into Teams
-how to use the outlook connectors
-how to create a pdf and preview it in the PDF Viewer Component and how to save it to SharePoint
-how to create adaptive cards (in a preview environment) in the future, and how to send it to the user chat in Teams and to wait for the user response

How to create learning apps for kids with Power Apps

Two people:
A 6yr old girl who asked me to write down some math exercise on a piece of paper.
Me, a PowerAddict and father of the girl.

An idea was born. Let us develop a math learning power app!

In this session i demonstrate how to build a simple app that creates math exercises based on the four basic operations. +, -, *, /
You can configure the highest possible result as well as the highest number to use in the exercise.
The correct and false answers can be reviewed afterwards.

My daughter loves it, so maybe yours will love it, too! :-)

Past and future events

SharePoint Saturday Bremen/North Germany 2020

28 Feb 2020 - 29 Feb 2020
Bremen, Germany

Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2020, Hamburg Edition

15 Feb 2020
Hamburg, Germany