Stephane van Gulick

Stephane van Gulick

Devops engineer

Basel, Switzerland

Stéphane is a former Powershell MVP, Powershell trainer and powershell enthousiast with over 15 years of experience in writing tools, automation and guidance in order to help reduce the operational costs by automating everything he can.

Area of Expertise

  • Media & Information
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • powershell
  • Automation with PowerShell
  • PowerShell DSC
  • PowerShell


Introduction to DSCv3 en

DSC Stands for Desired state Configuration and it is Microsoft's solution for Infrastructure / Configuration as Code.

If you don't know what DSC is, have no fear, I will explain the DSC base concepts and ways of working.

In this talk, I will bring all the nitty gritty details of Powershell DSCv3: What is it? Why should I care about it ? How do I start to use it?

We will learn what this brand new open source & cross platform version of Desired state configuration brings into the configuration management eco system.
What are the biggest differences between Powershell DSCv2 and DSCv3.

In the end, of this talk, you will have a good understanding of what Desired State configuration is. What the differences are between DSCv2 and DSCv3. What you can achieve with DSC once it is part of your automation toolbelt. and you will see concrete examples and use cases of DSCv3 applied in an enterprise scenario.

How I discovered classes (without much Class{}) en

In this session you will learn how I learned all the fundamentals of classes and all the mistakes I made during the learning process.
We will cover the vocabulary, all the basic concepts and end up demonstrating how to transform a regular script to a class based script.
At the end of this talk, you will have enough knlowledge to understand what using classes actually bring to your scripts, and how to start using them in production.

YouTube URL - https://youtu.be/sQ8hnEovZpM

10 tiny steps to become a powershell monster! (building your powershell productivity system) en

A good French baker with poor quality flower and tools can only bake poor tasting Baguettes!
Knowing how to write code is the first part of the secret to success. Using the right tools and (configuring them correctly) is the second part of the secret!
(But don't tell anyone;))

In this powershell oriented talk, I will first talk about the importance of processes and guidelines that every powershell developer should (at least) be aware of.
How to re-use existing work from the powershell community and integrate (and sometimes adapt it) it into your own processes & Environment.

The second part of this talk will cover a more practical aspect of the powershell productivity system: Visual Studio Code, Windows Terminal, Profiles, prompt configuration are some of the topics we will dive in to in order to Ultimately elevate your Powershell mastery level to the max!

This talk might be a bit different but I can promesse you that it will be fun, light, and packed with knowledge! I guarantee that you will leave with at least having had 1 "aha" moment! ;)

If you know what "Write-host" is, you are welcome to join ;)
(No prior experience in anything is required).

Introduction to classes en fr

In this talk, Stéphane will take your hand and guide you through everything you need to know about the wonderfull world of powershell classes. What it is. Why do we needed them ? How do they work ? Why do I need them ?

If you want the learn the bascis of powershell classes, this session is for you!

Introduction to classes en fr

Dans ce talk Stéphane vous prendra la main pour vous accompagné dans le monde merveilleux des Classes Powershell. A quoi ça sert, comment ça marche, pourquoi en ai-je besoin ?

Si vous connaissez rien aux classes Powershell, ceci est fait pour vous!

Unleashing PowerShell Classes: Applying Timeless Design Patterns for Modern Solutions en

It is one thing to understand the syntax of a Powershell Class, but it is another thing to use the full potential of them. Many programming languages have faced the same sort of problems in the past. To solve them, some very smart people came up with very intelligent and generic solutions to these problems: Known as 'Design patterns'. And they can now be applied to Powershell.

After reexplaining the base theory behind Object Oriented programming (OOP) some other base principles, I will explain the essence of what powershell classes can offer more than regular Functional programming. How we can leverage the knowledge of 'programmer legends' to 'decouple' and simplify our code.
I will dive into actual production code that I have written that uses design patterns and the problems that they helped me to solve, so that you can see the benefits of using them.

At the end of this talk (in addition to having assisted to a nice and funny talk ;)), you will know what a 'design pattern' is, what it is useful for, and how to use them in your scripts and modules.

A good understanding of classes would be beneficial, but not mandatory.
Watching my session of PsConfg 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSk-ocD6VP4 could be of help / interest.

Writing easily beautifull reports using PSHTML en fr

In this introductionary session to PSHTML, I will go through everything that you need to know to start to write nice looking HTML reports with beautifull graphs using PSHTML. An Open source Powershell Framework.

This is an introductionary session to PSHTML

Créez facilement des raports HTML en utisant PSHTML en fr

Dans cette session introductive à PSHTML, nous verrons quels sont les composants necessaire pour créer facilement des magnifique raports au format HTML en utilisant PSHTML, un projet powershell Open Source.

Session introductive a PSHTML

Writing PSHTML reports for Emails en

In this session we will go through a new feature that has been recently added to PSHTML: Sending reports per email while keeping it's original appealing beauty.

Send Email reports per email using PSHTML

Stephane van Gulick

Devops engineer

Basel, Switzerland