Steve Degosserie

Steve Degosserie

Blockchain Runtime Engineer @ Parity Technologies

Steve has been working for a while with various techs (web/cloud/mobile), and he helped many organizations build reliable enterprise solutions. Recently, he joined Parity Technologies, and he is now advocating companies about Substrate, a Blockchain toolbox, and the Rust programming language.

Current sessions

Build your own Blockchain in an hour

Wonder if enterprise Blockchain development can become a thing ?
Fasten your seatbelts, in this session I will show you how to build your own custom Blockchain using Parity Substrate, an open-source toolbox for innovative startup & companies.

After a brief intro on the Blockchain development landscape , we will discover the architecture of Substrate, its peer-to-peer communication stack, its core runtime modules, the ink! language for smart contracts, and the inter-chains interoperability features (para-threads / para-chains).

We will then write a custom runtime module using the Rust programming language, connect it to our node and run our own chain !

Past and future events


30 Sep 2020 - 30 Dec 2021