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Steven Giesel

Steven Giesel

Microsoft MVP / Giesel Engineering / .NET Software Engineer

Zürich, Switzerland


As an experienced .NET Engineer and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies in the heart of Zurich, Steven Giesel bring a substantial breadth of knowledge and expertise to each project.

His enthusiasm for technology goes beyond his professional endeavors - he actively maintains various open-source libraries (for example as co-maintainer for bUnit - a unit testing library for Blazor) and frequently speaks at user groups and conferences.

Furthermore, he has authored concise e-Books in .NET related topics, and peer-reviewed a book focused on building applications with Blazor WebAssembly.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

Blazor Unit testing - How to write unit tests for your blazor components

Let’s dive into the world of unit testing in Blazor with the beautiful library bUnit.

What does it mean to "unit test" components in the context of Blazor? Let's explore the fundamentals, like passing in parameters, and continue further with critical parts, like handling 3rd party components that we don't own but still have to deal with.

After that session, you will have an overview of the possibilities of bUnit, and some do's, don't and good practices around unit testing Blazor components.

API Versioning in ASP.NET Core 5

What is API Versioning? Why you should do it and how to implement it into your code pain-free with a lot of joy!

Let's hit the IDE and play around with postman!

A better Enum - EnumValueObject (domain driven design)

A better way of having enums in C#.
Especially in combination with domain driven design and functional programming.

Type-safe and meanigful enums in C#.
Based on my library: https://github.com/linkdotnet/EnumValueObject

DONG - things you can DO Now with Git

Small presentation about 3 nice tricks with git:
* git bisect -> Hunt down bugs
* git rebase --onto -> Change my base branch
* git rebase --interactive -> Oh shit, I need to change something

Every "trick" is introduced on a theoretical way (what does it do and how does it work) followed by a graphical presentation on a concrete example (with git cli, SourceTree plus Visual Studio).

The idea is to show advanced workflows in a simple way so that everybody with a small knowledge about git can use it.

.NET Zurich User Group User group Sessionize Event

February 2022

Steven Giesel

Microsoft MVP / Giesel Engineering / .NET Software Engineer

Zürich, Switzerland


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