Manuel Carrasco Molina

Manuel Carrasco Molina

Ethical (H)ac(k)tivist for Apple Platforms

Düren, Germany

Started with his C64 at age 11 in 1987. Manuel “Stuff” Carrasco Molina became a Pro Software Dev in 1997 after 3 years of CS. Started the 8rst french podcast about Apple in 2005. Started developing for iOS in 2008. With Swift since 2014 (pre-1.0).

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Environment and Cleantech


  • Privacy
  • iOS Software Development
  • Apple
  • Battery

The importance of Privacy in iOS

A lot of time Privacy of my data as a user is not a priority for Developers. Wether it’s my calendar, my contacts, my location, I want as a user to be able to use an app without all of those attacks in my privacy. I want to summarize some things an iOS developer should do to ensure the most critical user can still use my app in some regards, and not just say “I need all your information” like on other platforms. This is the beauty of iOS, being able to fine grained (although not enough) so let’s do this all together, as a beautiful community concerned by Privacy.

Save the Environment with Xcode

As developers we are highly environmentally responsible for our code. It's how we start and stop location or other hardware that decides how fast the battery will be empty, thus on much batteries a user will need in its lifetime, and how much electricity (in various ways) have to be produced. Although it's sadly something Apple doesn't check, I'll give you a few hint at what you should do and shouldn't do to be greener developer.

A look at visionOS & Vision Pro, or why it's January 9, 2007 again.

I was there, in the room, in San Francisco, at Moscone, January 2007, when Steve said "Are you getting it?".

That was the beginning of my career as an iOS developer, with the SDK coming just 1 year later. But the love for the iPhone didn't wait for the SDK.

Then I went through it all: the iPad, longer and bigger iPhones, the same with the iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch etc ... and every year came a new iPhone, a new iOS (and at the launch of iOS 7 I almost had to cry, where had my skeumorphism gone?!).

And then there was always the other side of me: Green politics and an attempted switch to full-time politics in 2024, which unfortunately failed in 2023.

The day after my political defeat there was WWDC and the presentation of Vision Pro and I was back. Motivated again because visionOS and Vision Pro are at least as revolutionary (actually more so) to me as the iPhone and iOS, or iPhoneOS. In this talk I summarise what some of you may already know, but everyone will definitely learn something.

I have been intensively involved with the new platform since the keynote. Even more intensively since the SDK came out. Even more intensively since I was at Apple in Munich. The revolution has already begun.

At best, not everyone may have noticed it yet. In this lecture we will take a closer look at the Vision Pro and its hardware as well as the different possibilities of the SDK, i.e. visionOS. We will look at how you can show your existing iPad and iPhone apps in Shared Space, as well as immersive Spaces and 3D objects.

Why Every Developer Should Care About the Environment

Manuel's passion for software development is way older than his passion for the environment. Still, he realises one cannot be more important than the other over the last ten years. In this talk, he will explain why if we don't work together, at every level, the world as we know it, the so-called civilisation will be over in 10 to 15 years. We're the new dinosaurs. Let's try to survive instead of writing the next feature in the next sprint. This sprint — the one for our future — is a way bigger story.

Appdevcon / Endpointcon 2023

May 2023 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Manuel Carrasco Molina

Ethical (H)ac(k)tivist for Apple Platforms

Düren, Germany