Surbhi Rathore

Information & Communications Technology

nlp AI & Machine Learning conversation analytics

Seattle, Washington, United States

Surbhi Rathore

CEO and co-founder,

Surbhi is CEO and co-founder of Symbl is bringing to life her vision for a programmable platform that empowers developers and businesses to build unique conversational experiences without the hassle of upfront training or building their in-house data science expertise. She co-founded Symbl (previously almost 2 years ago and was a part of the Alexa Next Stage program by Techstars 2020. Symbl raised an early-stage venture round of 1.8M almost a year ago and deployed capital to grow a team of tech junkies to 25 people primarily distributed between India and Seattle. She comes with experience from technical and customer-obsessed roles in both startups and enterprises such as Nevis Networks and Amdocs. Before co-founding Symbl, she worked in the Conversational AI space with a focus on delivering value to Telecommunication users. She is an advocate for Women in AI with a personal mission to inspire more women to work in Data Science. In her free time, she loves to travel and spend time with her remote and distributed

Current sessions

RealTime MLOps for your AI startup

With almost every product maximizing AI and ML services and generating insights in real time, we will talk about how to build the foundation of scaling DevOps and MLOps as your product scale - keeping in mind the high need of Data Security and Privacy in any business. - Rethinking intents with APIs

This session will discuss the growing need for better approaches to Intent identification in conversations, in light of increasing number of APIs and Open-source solutions that are available. The speakers will talk about building a real-time intent identification system and whats missing in existing APIs and solutions when applied to natural human to human conversations. The session will tied those lessons learned to Conversation Intelligence, NLP techniques for intent identification and existing SaaS APIs that can be used.

Integrate Conversational Intelligence in your Communication App

Building an app with Voice or Video SDK - from Twilio, Nexmo, Agora, or IntelePeer? We will do a working session to enable you to add Conversational intelligence to your workflow without building a machine learning model or upfront training.

Deep Understanding applied to Open Domain Conversations

Now more than ever, when the whole world is communicating on digital channels, the dangers of disconnected data silos and lost knowledge are more than ever. In this session, we will talk about applying deep understanding to capturing this open domain conversation data so that builders can strategize product strategy early in the lifecycle of their business and future-proof growth. The session also entails several aspects of supervised and unsupervised learning that can be used as stepping stones to this application and how combining both these techniques bring the best of both worlds together for human-like comprehension of conversations.

Raising venture for my startup as an immigrant

An Indian entrepreneur in making, I have had interesting experiences from moving to the US, getting into Techstars and then raising 2 venture rounds with one of the best venture funds for an AIML startup and I would love to share the journey and experiences with you all.

Getting to your first 20 customers

For a startup, getting first 20 customers can be game changing for their business in terms of both product-market fit as well as raising venture. I would love to share how we built the function internally, capitalized on a few partners and got our early Head of Sales to build the company to the next stage.

How does conversation intelligence apply to my business?

With pandemic and all things transitioning to digital channels, conversation data has become accessible for all businesses and products. As we take the next leap in experiences, I would love to share how any business building a B2B communication app or workflow has an opportunity to capitalize on the conversation intelligence to superpower growth.