Sébastien Valat

Information & Communications Technology

Physical & Life Sciences

Meylan, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

Sébastien Valat


After a master degree in particle physics I questioned myself about computer science in physics and made a second master in computer science about distributed and cooperative systems.

I then made a PhD. at CEA on supercomputer memory managment optimizations followed by a post-doc at the Exascale Computing Research Lab (CEA, Intel, Uvsq, Genci). I finally made a 3 years post-doc at CERN on project in collaboration with Intel about furture Lhcb data aquisition system using Infiniband or Omni-Path.

I'm now at Bull/Echirolles in the R&D service on studies and developpement about IO burst buffer and profiling tool in a Scrum team.

I like the open-source community.