Tamas Nagy

Tamas Nagy

Assistant professor in Psychology

Tamás has a PhD in psychology, and currently works as an assistant professor at the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary. His research interests include stress and emotion psychophysiology. He teaches reproducible research practices and data analysis in R.

Current sessions

Meta-analysis data management with the {metamanager} package

In the social and medical sciences, researchers often use meta-analysis to aggregate findings from several studies. However, conducting a meta-analysis is a time consuming enterprise, that requires not just domain specific knowledge and analytical experience, but considerable data management skills as well. To aid reproducible research, it should be possible to handle tasks - from collecting to analyzing data - directly in R. Even though there are several useful packages to conduct the statistical part of a meta-analysis, there is a lack of packages that deal with the data management tasks that are typically needed. To fill this gap, we created the {metamanager} package. The package provides several functions for conducting reproducible meta-analysis, while the code remains human readable. Key functionality involves merging and tidying article meta-data, flagging duplicates, creating files for human coding, assessing coding performance, detecting and correcting human errors, etc. The package has functions to manage spreadsheets through Google Drive, providing a front-end for manual data entry, access management, version control, and collaborative editing.

Past and future events

satRday Belgrade 2018

26 Oct 2018
Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia