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Chicago, Illinois, United States

Tami Wloch

Director, Social/Digital Media

Tami Wloch
Director of Social/Digital Marketing, Strategic & Creative Marketing Inc.

Professional BIO

Tami Wloch’s career includes 20 years of corporate sales and marketing experience in retail, tourism, and telecommunications, plus entrepreneurial experience gained by starting and managing multiple retail businesses.

Tami is highly skilled in Paid Social Ad Campaigns and runs customer campaigns that can obtain 50,000+ views in a month and have engagement rates 200%+ higher than average. Due to her successful ad campaigns, Tami serves on:
• Multiple Facebook Advisory Panels to analyze features and provide feedback to Facebook Corporate including the mobile app, video design, & their paid campaign programs
• An Adobe Spark Panel advising Adobe designers regarding features in their custom graphic & video program
• A LinkedIn Advisory Panel providing feedback for many tools used by LinkedIn, including their paid campaign program

Both Nationally and Internationally, Tami teaches classes in Social Media to help business owners understand the complex world of gaining customers thru Social Platforms. Tami’s presentations give attendees step-by-step instructions they can implement for immediate results. In addition, she is certified in both SEO and Google Analytics.

Specific areas of focus throughout her career include: entrepreneurship; small & mid-sized business marketing; teaching and educating; public speaking; networking referrals; advertising, promotions and publicity campaigns; client relations; paid social media campaigns; social media marketing.

Her educational background includes a BA in Education from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana and a second degree black belt in martial arts.

Recommendations By Past Attendees

“Tami is extremely knowledgeable and her presentation was outstanding! She found a way to make her material applicable to each and every business owner in the room (all who are from very different industries).” - Kyra Tillman, President at BTM Industries Inc

“5 stars to Tami for her outstanding knowledge within social media marketing. She delivers outstanding value and helped my team of consultants Expedia CruiseShipCenters NorthShore in more ways than I can describe in a paragraph. Thank you Tami!” - Paul Coplan, Owner, Expedia Cruise Ships Centers

“Before working with Tami, I had a clear understanding of how to use and navigate my own social media accounts, but was unsure of how to translate those skills to business accounts. Tami guided me through establishing, running, and most importantly, profiting from my social media business accounts. She's the best!” - Anna Dolezal, MS, Education Coordinator at National Association for Healthcare Quality

I attended Tami Wloch's presentation to over 1,000 delegates at MDRT meeting in Sydney recently and was most impressed. She spoke clearly and succinctly about the value of using Facebook and LinkedIn in your business to build your professional profile. Her topic helped me to understand the power of these social media tools in a simple and easy to implement manner. I would highly recommend Tami Wloch to any prospective organization seeking a knowledgeable & entertaining speaker to share valuable, practicable, tips and traps in social media use to help grow their business. - Michael MacQuillan, Financial Adviser, Sydney, Australia

• How To Use Facebook & LinkedIn To Generate More Sales For Your Company
• Why You Should Be Using Twitter To Increase Your Business Sales
• The 5 Key Parts Of Your Website That Need To Be Changed to Get You More Business
• Free Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Website
• 5 Things Must You Change on Your Facebook Business Page to Attract More Clients
• 5 Changes to Your LinkedIn Profile That Will Get You More Business
• How Your Employees Can Use Social To Increase the Company’s Sales
• How To Effectively Use Social Media To Attract & Keep The Best Employees
• How to Set Up a Business Page on Facebook (& Why You NEED To Have One)
• Why You Need a Business Page on LinkedIn (in additional to your personal profile)
• What Must Be Included In Every Social Media Post to Drive Sales
• How to Use Local Facebook Events To Reach More Attendees And To Sell More Booths
• How to Reach More Potential Customers on LinkedIn for Free
• Other Social/Digital Media Topics As Requested


September 2019 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Global Conference Sydney, Australia
Speaker: How to Successfully Use Facebook & LinkedIn To Generate More Sales

July 2019 Quad County African American Chamber of Commerce Aurora, IL
Speaker + Panelist: Growing Your Business Using Social Media

June 2019 Goldman-Sachs 10K Businesses Group Elmhurst, IL
Speaker: How to Use Facebook & LinkedIn to Increase Sales

May 2019 Expedia CruiseShip Center Buffalo Grove, IL
Speaker: How To Get More Travel Industry Clients with Social

March 2019 Pet Industry Professionals National Webinar
Speaker: How To Use Social Media to Land More Business

February 2019 Business Radio X Pensicola, FL
Speaker: How The Latest Facebook Changes Can Affect Your Business

February 2019 Extraordinary Professional Women’s Networking Group (EPWNG) Aurora, IL
Speaker: How To Use Social Media to Land More Business

December 2018 Webb Financial Group Lake Forest, IL
Speaker: How Your Company Employees Can Share On LinkedIn

September 2018 Grayslake Business Group (GBBG) Grayslake, IL
Speaker: How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business

August 2018 Churchill, Quinn, Richtman, & Hamilton Grayslake, IL
Speaker: How Your Company Execs Can Share On LinkedIn

June 2018 PC Nation Evanston, IL
Speaker: How To Increase Sales With Your Facebook Biz Page

March 2018 HR Summit Chicago, IL
Speaker: Recruitment Marketing using Social

*Private/SemiPrivate Classes available year-round upon request

AV Needs:
- Large Screen
- Projector to connect to computer
- Clicker to forward the computer slides
- Microphone – only for large rooms

I am honored to be helping shape the future of Social Media by being on Advisory Panels for both Facebook & LinkedIn. I bring this knowledge to my speaker session attendees so they can quickly learn the steps to take to increase their Brand Recognition & Sales thru Social.

My sessions are truly classes, not sales pitches to get someone to hire my company. I provide step-by-step instructions that the attendees can implement immediately.